Cost Of Living: How much does it cost to live in Thailand?

Cost of Living

Cost of living is one of the main reasons for many who come to study in Thailand. As well as experience a new culture and learning inter-cultural communication skills, many come here to study and live because of the low prices. While your money can easily get washed away on expensive nights out at rooftop parties, it also go a long way and totally depends on your lifestyle.

The average prices below are based on living in Bangkok, so if you decide to live or study in another city they will probably be cheaper. A rare exception would be the high density tourist island of Phuket which is generally 14% more expensive than Bangkok. Please note that these prices are based on what it’s like to live in Thailand in 2015.

1000 Thai Baht Note


If you are happy to live in a 30sqm studio apartment or condo, then this could range from ฿5,000 -฿10,000 ($140 – $280 /£90 -£180). Rent is going to be the single biggest payment that you will be making, the next (or more depending on lifestyle) is drinking / nightlife.

Rent: ฿5,000 - ฿10,000

Per month for a 30sqm condo/apartment

Internet: ฿300 - ฿600

This is per month depending if the condo / apartment has their own WiFi (around ฿300 / free) or if you pay for your own ADSL (around ฿600)

Electricity: ฿500 - ฿1000

Based on 5hrs – 10hrs of using a TV & computer, plus aircon during the night

Mobile: ฿599

Based on mobile operator True Move H who offers 2.5gb of 4G/3G data (then unlimited at 128kbps), 2.5GB WiFi from one of their hotspots dotted around Thailand, and ฿300 of calls at ฿1.5 a minute.


Eating out is one of the cheapest things you can do in Thailand. Street food is everywhere and it’s the common diet for many families and students, but there restaurants ranging through all prices with western and foreign foods being nearer the top.

  • Basic rice based dish: around ฿30 – ฿40
  • Fast-food combo meal: around ฿150
  • Lunchtime dish in the business area: around ฿170

If you want to save money, eat the local food. A lot of people from other countries might soon get tired of Thai food and crave their own nationality food but this might add up.

Visit to compare the price difference between your country and Thailand.